We have a long heritage with plastics. Our roots go back for more than 100 years...


We are building on more than 100 years of plastic manufacturing history

Original Jousi Oy was established in 1914 by Hjalmar Jousi. The company continued fully family owned for a little over 100 years and the company was operated with family members in four different generation.


First plastic parts were manufactured in 1945

With our expertise on plastics manufacturing and our networks expertise on product development you can turn your ideas into reality.

Injection moulds
Development support, design & mechanics
Plastic manufacturing


We streamlined our offerings to serve customers better

New company KRT Jousi was established in 2018. Company was founded by Timo Jousi. He is the grandson of Hjalmar Jousi.

KRT Jousi continues were the original Jousi Oy ended, bringing more than a century of knowledge from plastics and manufacturing into new company.

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